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Grice Connect has compiled a list of the best tricks - or - to handle the events in Statesboro and Ogeechee County, and kids will never forget the ride - through tricks or the treatment of experiences. Kiwanis from Ogerohee Faire and Mill Creek Regional Park will stage "trick or treat drive thrus." The vehicles will drive a route through Mill Creek Regional Park and collect sweets from businesses and organizations along the way.

US-25, which leads up to US 25 and then to Mill Creek Regional Park on the west side of the park to do a "trick or treat."

Three US highways also serve as a link to Statesboro: US-25 runs through the city from northwest to south; U-20 runs from west to east and east to south, forming a near circle around the city; and U-S Highway 301 runs through the city from west to east, south to northwest and north to south. US 25 and 301 turn off to run south to west and lead to Interstate 16 (Exit 116) south and then east - from there north. Highway 80 is the main east-west route in and out of cities, running from southeast to southeast and from Savannah to west and northwest for 93 km.

With a height of 76 m, the city centre is one of the highest places in Bulloch County. Winter storms are rare, but they occur occasionally, most recently as an ice storm in January 2018. The city is experiencing very hot and humid summers, with lows in the mid-to-mid 90s and weddings in the mid-90s.

At the bottom of this list, you will find a link to the interactive weaving experience "Squash the Spread," where you can click on "Pumpkin" to create an interactive weaving experience to crush the spread and see suggestions for safe Halloween experiences. The sheriff has made recommendations for Halloween in this video, which can be viewed here. Learn more about the safety of COVID-19 to protect your community.

If something happens near you that people in your neighborhood need to know today, why not send it to us? Statesboro Business Magazine offers a comprehensive list of great business opportunities in the Stateboro area. Look for great business opportunities in the city planning calendar, which can be found in all our areas. If something happens that is closest to home, that you need people in the neighborhood that you know, why not announce it today?

The event is free and open to the public at the Statesboro Family YMCA, 406 Claiborne Avenue. Other newspapers include George Anne, produced by students at Georgia Southern University, and Connecting Georgia, a musical about the history and culture of Georgia State University. The Performing Arts Center will perform tour groups, but we also show shows hosted by students and faculty from Georgia Southern.

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Put a ghost in your window and then young people can safely walk around your neighborhood and look at it or look out the window.

Even a princess can wear a mask with a beautiful smile, but it can be dangerous when it makes it difficult to breathe. Costume masks, such as those for Halloween, are not a substitute for fabric masks and should only be used if they consist of two or more layers of breathable fabric covering the mouth and nose and leaving no gaps in the face. Do not wear costume masks in public as they make breathing difficult. Attend a costume party at home where a protective mask is worn and people can't stay more than 6 feet apart.

Most travelers use the Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport, which is located 60 miles east of the city and served by eight commercial airlines. It can accommodate private planes but has no control tower for commercial flights.

The University System of Georgia Colleges, based in the nearby town of Swainsboro, operates a satellite campus in Statesboro. The university's graduate programs offer a wide range of bachelor and master's programs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Facilities include a wildlife education center on campus. The surrounding area offers a wide range of food and drinks, including beer, wine and wine tastings.

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More About Statesboro

More About Statesboro